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Product Used: Dianabol-Anadrol-Winsdrol Stack Dear Muscle Labs USA, I wanted to say thank you and send you my satisfactory review for this muscle building supplement stack. First, let me say I have tried other products like protein powders and creatine pills but I was always left feeling short changed on results. So let me get right to it, the Muscle Labs Legal Steroid Stack was phenomenal. My before and after image was taken just 4 weeks apart. Not only did I build muscle and added strength, but I lost alot of fat. Due to my job I was unable to follow a strict diet regimen but I did train 5 days a week. I always did eat fairly healthy but my only vice is ountain dew lol. I spend alot of time behind a computer and it is my preferred drink of choice. During my weight training I decided to cut out the pop and reduced my intake by making myslef drink 1 glass of water for every glass of mountain dew I wanted to may seem silly but it did work for me at least. I do not eat fast food so aside from my love of soda pop, nothing else in my diet changed. My before and after photo clearly shows the muscle bulding and fat burning ability of these legal anabolc steroid alternative products. Strong and effective, yet I had no side effects at all ! If you want to build muscle and lose fat, I would have to say these have been the most effective muscle pills have ever used. The effects are noticeable in the first week. My muscle building stack cycle looked like this: Dianabol: 3 capsules a day with / lunch / dinner / than before bed Anadrol: 1-2 tablets a day in the morning / breakfast Winsdrol: 1-2 capsules about 30 minutes before working out. I experienced no side effects at all and no pct regimen was required. I felt great even after my muscle building cycle ended. So , now review time-------5 STARS ALL THE WAY !! You just can't go wrong. If you were to use a $40 protein shake once a month for a year you would spend almost $500 AND probably little to no results at all----or you could spend under $150 and get a product that will totally transform your physique in under 8 weeks !! This is a NO BRAINER FOLKS ! Awesome product. These products are also for sale on and you can read all the great reviews there as well

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