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John the body builder

To Whom this may concen, My name is John and I want to leave a review for the Anabolic stack. In my opinion this is the best supplements for muscle growth. 2 Anabolic cycles later and I am 20 pounds heavierand rock hard. The above image is me 60 days apart. I had no sided effects whatsoever except an increase in appetite and some crazy intense workouts. If you are searching for safe supplements, I highly recommend this particular stack. The dianabol was the main product that was my weight gainer pill. The drol gave me crazy muscle pumps and increased my testosterone to the point where I was just totally jacked in the gym. The Winsdrol was my finishing product and it left me feeling jacked in the gym , my arms were so pumped I could not wash my hair in the shower and the fat just shed off me so fast. By just 5 days into the Winsdrol-V, my veins were bulging out and my abs were just bulging ! Ther results were just amazing. All in all, I had no side effects, my bench press increased 65 lbs, my squat went up 50 lbs. and I went up 20 lbs in bodybweight all while dropping my fat to the lowest it has ever been !! Anything Muscle labs sells I highly recommend. Thank you Rocky from Muscle Labs for all Your assistance helping a brother out !!! Ttyl, John



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John the Body Builder

John the Body Builder
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